3 Ways To Control Soil Erosion At Your Construction Site

Erosion is a huge problem. It happens when wind or water scour the top layer of soil away. As that happens, more and more topsoil becomes washed away. That soil, in turn, is at risk for erosion. Eventually, all the fertile soil is gone, and there is a lot of damage done to the land. The soil itself clogs up streams, rivers, and lakes. That can cause other problems. Any land that has been worked is at risk for erosion. That's because the natural cover like grasses and other plants have been dislodged. In general, construction sites have serious problems with erosion.  

Erosion Control Methods

There are several methods that can be used at your construction site to help eliminate erosion. The company that you hire to do all your earthworks moving should be able to give you a list of solutions that will work for your site. They should also send someone around to your site regularly to make sure that the erosion control is working and to help come up with new options if it isn't. 

Silt Fence

A silt fence is more of a temporary method than it is a permanent method. The fence is made out of a fine mesh material. The mesh is fine enough to block most of the soil from disappearing. These fences are used more around piles of dirt and drainage areas. 

Silt Curtain

These are generally designed to use in the water. They have floating baffles that stay on top of the water with curtains that go down under the water. The curtains create a screen which keeps the silt and soil out of the main body of water. That limits the amount of water pollution that is caused by the soil erosion. 


The best way to prevent and control erosion is to replace the displaced vegetation that kept the soil in place in the first place. An erosion control company will be able to seed the area with grasses. Grasses have a good root system that can anchor the soil. The grasses also tend to grow quickly, making them a good plant for erosion control. Until the grasses grow in, the erosion control company can place mats down over the soil to keep it in place. Those mats can include fertilizer to help the grasses grow faster. 

Keeping erosion under control at your construction site is important. You won't have to pay for more soil to be laid at the site if you are able to keep most of it where it belongs.