Call Centre Sales: 5 Tactics For Effective Communication

As a dedicated employee of a call centre, you are always trying to find ways to increase your sales so that you can cash in on the incentives for your success. Surprisingly, losing sales has less to do with the price of the product and more to do with your ability to communicate. Here are 5 tactics for communicating effectively over the phone so you can close more sales:

1) Personalize the Pitch

Nobody wants to engage in a phone conversation with a stranger who is completely focused on selling a product and not at all personable. The more you can relate to your customers, the more they will be interested in hearing what you have to say. Attempt to:

  • sincerely ask how the customer is doing
  • give assurances related to the customer's concerns
  • engage in conversation and not just memorized lines
  • respect each customer's time or money constraints (which will encourage customer loyalty and possible future purchases)

2) Simplify the Story

You need to remember that most people are busy or have more important things to do than listen to your sales pitch. Keep your product explanation brief and to the point while still painting a vivid and appealing picture of the product in the customer's mind. You should even prepare several different sales pitches that vary in length and detail so that you can easily fit the customer's needs based on time and level of interest.

3) Prove Product Value

Convincing the customer that your product has great value is key to making a sale. Try to find at least one aspect of your product that satisfies a universal need, or be very perceptive to each customer so that you can find a way that your product will make his or her daily life better or easier in some way.

4) Eliminate Risk Factors

One of the biggest reasons customers are hesitant to buy a product is because there is risk involved. If the product requires a company membership or is costly, it can put customers at risk for spending a lot of money without sufficient return on their investment. Be sure to mention if your company offers a product with a:

  • customer satisfaction guarantee
  • return policy
  • guaranteed result
  • warranty of any kind

5) Build Trust

Before a customer decides to buy a product, they want to know that they can trust you and the company that you represent. To establish trust with each customer, try the following:

  • Make a personal connection by finding common ground.
  • Give a personal recommendation tailored to the customer based on your knowledge or experience with the product.
  • Validate the customer's hesitance and then respond with confidence about the performance and value of the product.

Working in a call centre can be very challenging and demanding, even on the most outgoing and confident person. With these 5 tactics, you will be able to become more effective in your communication so that you can increase your sales and maximize your time and efforts.

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