3 Things Every Person Should Know When Moving Internationally

Moving to a foreign country is not the same as moving to another state. International moving requires more thought and care as to what you take with you, how you ship your goods, and what items are allowed in the country. Here are 3 things that you should know about before you plan an international move.

Differences in Outlets

First, you may not be able to take your favorite blow dryer or curling iron with you. In fact, you may not be able to take many of your electronics, depending on the country that you are moving to. The outlets in many foreign countries run on a different number of watts, and this can blow out your appliances. 

In some cases, you can get an adapter so that your appliances still work, so find out what you need before you move to a new country. It would be unfortunate to leave many belongings behind, but sometimes there is no other choice if there are no adapters.

Import Fees

Second, there can be some heavy import fees on your belongings when they are brought into another country. Even though you may have hired an international shipper, your goods are still subject to the rules and regulations of the foreign country.

The customs agents can inspect your goods, open boxes, and remove items that they may deem unsafe or that are restricted in their countries. This is especially true if you go to China or other countries that do not allow as much freedom for their residents.

Before you move, find out what the basic import fees are for the country where you are moving. This may help you to decide if you should bring all or some of your belongings. In most cases, you will want to cut back so that you do not cost yourself a lot of money on top of the expenses of moving.

Travel Time

Last, just because you can fly to a foreign country in less than a day does not mean that your goods will arrive as soon. Most international shipping countries ship their goods by sea, and sea shipping takes considerably longer than air shipping.

Sea shipping can take up to 12 weeks, which can be a long time without a lot of your belongings. In many cases, your cargo can arrive in about a month, but there is not a guarantee because there are a lot of factors that affect the shipment. 

Some of these factors include weather at sea, backups at the ports, delays in arriving at ports due to heavy sea traffic, and the distance to the foreign country.

Being aware of these 3 things can help you to prepare for an international move without as much frustration and concern. Just be prepared, know the laws, and you will be able to move your goods to your new home safely. For the best results, you may want to work with experienced international movers who can offer you more tips.