5 Creative Ways To Re-Purpose Wooden Pallets

Classically, wooden pallets are used in shipping or storage capacities. This is for good reason, as the cross lay of lumber provides strength and can be easily dismantled. The great news is that you don't have to use pallets in the same old way every time. With a little imagination and a DIY mentality, you can employ them in entirely new ways. To help get you started, here are five creative ways to re-purpose pallets:

1. Office Dividers

Pallets don't just have to lie flat on the ground – they can also be used in a wall-like nature. By standing them straight up, you can achieve a modern, fun divider. With a hammer and a nail, attach them together side-by-side and secure them to the floor. Apply some new paint if you desire, and enjoy your unique solution to office privacy.

2. Flooring

Hardwood floors make a beautiful addition to any building. Luckily, as pallets are pure wood, you can disassemble them to create the perfect floor for your space. Consider staining them in varying light and dark contrasts to mimic natural oak, or leave them bare for an untouched artisan look.

3. Chairs

It turns out pallets can be comfy for people, not just warehouse items. A re-purposed pallet can be used for every part of the chair: from the back, to the legs, to the seat. For an example of what the finished product could look like, see what this designer did.

4. Wall Garden

Who ever said that pallet had to stay on the floor? Why not turn them into a cherished wall piece that hosts your favorite plants and herbs? Create a simple shelf or even a more intricate housing to show off your green beauties, just like this artist did.

5. Coffee Table

If you want a natural wood table to showcase in your living room, it couldn't be any easier. Simply take a small pallet, attach any kind of legs - metal, wood (from the same pallet), or other material to the bottom- and you have an immediate table. The small space between the pallet faces inherently allows for storage of books, magazines, and remotes.

Wooden pallets are a staple for many industries due to their practicality. But they can also be a prized part of your home or work environment. From office equipment, to home remodeling, to beautiful furniture and decorations, pallets provide no shortage of fun opportunities. Embrace your creativity and try one of these re-purposing ideas to give your space a fresh new look. (For more information on pallets, contact Brampton Pallet Inc)