Give Your Garden An Edge With Decorative And Useful Borders And Edging

When you want to give your landscaping a finished appearance, consider investing in edging and borders. These simply outline the area around gardens, beds, paths, and driveways, adding a polished detail that elevates the look of your whole property.

Some common questions surrounding edging include:

Why add edging?

While it is hard to overlook the aesthetic quality that edging brings to your yard and garden, there are some other practical reasons to border plants, beds, and features, too. Borders and edging provides a path to traverse the property, that guides individuals away from stepping on plants and flowers. These edges also serve as a guide for the mower, keeping things neat and trimmed without running the risk of cutting into your plants.

What are the costs?

The costs of edging your gardens, driveway, or property features varies, based on what you want to spend on your landscaping budget. From the allure and expense of brick edging, to a simply-dug, shovel-cut border, there are truly edging styles to suit any buyer's budget. Prefabricated edging, found in home improvement stores, will also be found at a wide range of price points, depending on material, length, and style.

Choose your styles.

With edging options to suit any home or style, it can be overwhelming to decide on the right material for your distinct space. While it is feasible to use recycled or vintage types of borders, such as beach rocks or antique brick, there are some common choices found at home improvement retail venues that may suit your space, whatever your budget may be.

Some popular edging options include:

  • Metal edging is sold in a variety of lengths, and is an affordable option found widely. Leave one-inch above ground, burying the rest, and twist anchors off of the ends with pliers.
  • Poundable edging is best in smaller spaces or for beds. You hammer these into the ground with a rubber mallet, so soil should be tilled or loose for ease of installation.
  • Pavers are an extremely easy option that are cheaper than brick and usually easier to install. These are found at home improvement stores, often made from cement or concrete, which works well for most terrains.
  • Plastic edging often is found in black, but attention should be paid during installation to ensure the material doesn't move and come out of the soil.
  • Wattling gives your yard and garden a distinct English flavor, and is made from woven branches and rattan. Some homeowners may make the extra-effort to create their own, but lengths of wattling is found in garden centers and home improvement stores, generally.

Add some polish and practicality to your exterior spaces with edging and borders. Besides the pragmatic purposes behind these features, edging also brings a cohesive appeal to the look of your property. Talk with retailers to find the best edging options for your property, that fit within your budget. To learn more, contact a company like Fiorino Concrete Ltd. with any questions you have.