3 BIG Reasons Buying Wood From Canada Is A Good Business Decision

Whether you are a commercial contractor who builds structures or you are an everyday home builder, your access to good lumber has a lot to do with the quality of your work. While there are numerous international lumber companies that may be able to supply quality wood sometimes at a lower cost, it is a much better idea to get the lumber you need from a domestic Canadian wood supply company. Here is a look at a few reasons why buying lumber in Canada as a business owner is a good business decision. 

Offer support for local businesses and local economy. 

It is easy to assume that buying lumber supplies internationally really has no big bearing on the local economy, but it truly does. As a business owner, it is always a wise choice to buy locally when you can. Buying from local lumber distributors helps to support the local economy, providing jobs for people in the area and feeding funding back into domestic communities. When you buy lumber from a foreign distributor, you are essentially putting an investment into the economic future of that company and that location instead of at home where your own business operates. Just like you, lumber companies are businesses that rely on sales to keep them stable for the long term. 

Buy local and have easier access to replacement if there are problems. 

Getting a bad batch of lumber from a supplier can cause all kinds of problems with a project, from issues with structural soundness to major delays in getting the work completed. When you buy lumber internationally, it is harder to get a guarantee that problems with a load of lumber will be immediately addressed. You may be left waiting for weeks for a replacement order if the company you are working with chooses to work with you regarding the problematic lumber. 

Know the wood was harvested in an environmentally friendly way. 

Canada is well known as having some of the toughest logging regulations in the world. Loggers and lumber companies are required by the government to keep environmental safety at the forefront of their business operations by doing thorough environmental impact evaluations before and after they log an area. Likewise, in Canada, logged areas must be replanted and replenished once a logging project concludes. Other countries do not always have the same regulations, which means buying lumber from countries in these area can have a big impact on the planet.

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