3 Things To Know About Giving Away Personalized Water Bottles As Promotional Gifts

If your business is looking for a practical promotional item to give away to customers, clients, and anyone else that might be interested in your business's services or goods, you may want to consider buying personalized water bottles with labels that state information about your business. This is one of the best gifts you can give away, and people who receive it will appreciate it and use it. If this sounds interesting to you, here are three things you should consider as you prepare to order these.

Why Companies Offer Promotional Gifts

Giving away promotional gifts is something businesses have been doing for many years, and it is often done for several purposes, and one of the main purposes is for branding a company. Branding a company is something companies do to get people to know and recognize their businesses. Some companies do this through catchy phrases or slogans, and a lot of companies do this through colors and images. You can use branding in many ways to help customers know your company, and using water bottles is just one option.

Another reason businesses purchase and give away promotional gifts is to stir up new business. When people receive free things, they may be more inclined to call the businesses that offered the items if they ever need their goods or services. If you are looking for a way to attract some new customers to your business, using promotional gifts is a great idea.

Tips For Designing Your Bottle Labels

Using water bottles as promotional gifts is a good idea because everyone drinks water, and most people take their time while drinking it. This means that if you give away personalized water bottles, you will have people looking at your business name for minutes, hours, or possibly even days.

If you think this is a great idea, you will need to decide what you will put on them. In other words, do you just want your business name or logo on the bottles? Do you want your company's email address or phone number? These are some basic ideas, but there are a lot of others you could also choose from. Here are some fun ideas you might want to consider using:

  • Put company facts on the bottles – Putting facts about your company or the industry it is in can be fun for people to read, and this is also an educational way to market to people.
  • Write motivational statements or quotes – Motivating people is a great way to encourage them to buy, and people also enjoy reading things like this.
  • Use the right colors and fonts – It's often better to put fewer words on the bottle labels than a lot of words, and you may want to choose colors that represent your company.

These are just a few ideas to consider as you prepare to order your personalized water bottle labels to give away as promotional gifts.

How To Make A Plan To Distribute The Water Bottles

Finally, you will need to determine how to distribute the custom water bottles you purchase, and you will also need to make sure you have a way to keep the water bottles cold. If you will give them away at your business, purchase a refrigerator and put them in there. If you will hand them out at parades or other types of events, you may want to purchase some coolers for them.

In addition to giving away water bottles to prospective customers, you may also want to prepare flyers to hand out that highlight the features your company offers. If you are interested in purchasing personalized water bottle labels, contact a company that specializes in this, such as Great Canadian Water Company.