Tips For Building A Successful Trade Show Booth

If you need to have a trade show booth built for your company's first trade show, then there are many things you need to take into consideration. By building the right type of booth and using the right signage to attract buyers, you can increase your visibility and success at the trade show. Whether you build your own booth or have it professionally built for you, follow each of these important time-tested tips to ensure your booth works well and is a great reflection of your company's brand:

Tip: Correctly Use Graphics and Signage 

The purpose of your trade show booth's graphics is to bring in potential customers and dissuade those who have no interest in your business. You want those who may want to do business with you to come into your booth, and you want people to immediately know if your product or service isn't something they are interested in. This keeps you from wasting time speaking with people who will not bring your company business. 

Your trade show booth graphics should be:

  • professionally designed
  • professionally printed
  • graphics heavy
  • light on words

Tip: Design Your Booth to Accommodate Traffic Flow

One important aspect of your trade show booth is its ability to accommodate traffic flow. You want to design your booth in such a way that buyers will enter at one end and leave through the other end. For example, if everyone is drawn into the center of your booth, then it will quickly become clogged with people, and this will dissuade other buyers from ever entering.

Tip: Design Your Booth to Allow for Ample Storage

While many new business owners do a great job with graphics and signs for their first trade show booth, they often forget to plan for ample storage areas. Your trade show booth needs to have an area where you can securely store your personal belongings while you are at the show, and it needs to have enough space to store your product.

For example, if you will be handing out free samples of your product and need to store a lot of it in your booth for this purpose, then you should line your booth with tables. Using tablecloths will allow you to store you excess product out of sight, under the tables. 

Tip: Conduct Research for Improving Your Trade Show Booth's Design for Future Years

Finally, this year while you are at the trade show, take some time to look at other booth designs to gain inspiration for next year's booth design. If you find a booth you love, talk to the exhibitor and find out if they designed their booth personally or if they had it professionally done. If the booth was professionally designed and built, then ask for the contact information for the builder. 

For more information on trade show booth design, contact a company like Arc and Co.