Set Up Or Seek Out A Peer-To-Peer Social Network For Your Group

There are lots of different options when it comes to social media. Many of these networks are huge, and it can be easy for certain posts to get lost in all of the craziness, or conversely, it can be hard to get your specific message out to your target audience. Luckily, there might be a better way. Today, there are peer-to-peer social networks that specialize in connecting people within specific industries or people with specific interests, or sometimes people at one specific company. Whether you are looking to create a new peer-to-peer network yourself or join an existing one, here's why social networking may be better when it's peer-to-peer.

You Can Keep Information About Your Group or Company Contained In-House

The problem with using a massive social media network to set up a group for your team, co-workers, or peers is that there's always the possibility that private group information could make it out to the rest of the massive network. Even with a closed group or privacy settings, human error will always be a possibility, and it may be that one of your administrators accidentally sets a post to "public" rather than keeping information within the group. With a peer-to-peer network that only contains members of that specific group across the entire network, this is no longer a concern.

Stay Focused on Your Work or Your Group's Special Interests

Another problem with using a large, already established social media site is that anyone who logs on will immediately see different posts that likely have nothing to do with the focus of your specific peer group or company. Someone might log on to one of these sites to check their company's private group but then get distracted by what their family posted on the public part of the same social media site. When you use a social media network that is restricted to peers or co-workers only, the only posts or messages on the entire site will be from or about those specific people.

Some People Might Not Want an Active Account With One of the Social Media Giants

There are some people today who don't enjoy social media, or at least don't enjoy being an active member of large social media channels. If you are looking to create a private or peer-to-peer group, you might run into some people who would prefer not to have to sign up with one of the social media giants again just to access one private group. A peer-to-peer network that will only contain information relevant to that group solves this problem because people can sign up knowing it's not the same as the more traditional, and public, social media sites.

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