Keys To Getting Featured In A Local News Story

Whether you have a business or an important cause you're looking to promote, getting featured in local news stories is great for generating public interest. You'll just want to follow a couple of rules that can help you have more success landing these news spots.

Start with a Catching Submission

A lot of times, you'll have to go to the local news station first when attempting to get a story covered. A good starting place is sending in your submission and explaining what you're wanting to be featured in the local news and why. If you're catchy and include the right elements, local news stations might meet with you in person to discuss more of your story.

Make sure you're honest throughout this submission, not fabricating any details or over-sensationalizing any element. Being genuine will help you come off in a better light. You can still add elements that make this submission more unique and memorable, but you just have to walk that fine line of telling the truth and standing out.

Go After the Right Media Outlets

In order to make the most use out of your time trying to get featured in the local news, you need to figure out which media outlets are the right ones to target. Then you can improve your odds of getting featured in the local news whether it's about a charity event or business you're starting.

Try finding media outlets that line up with the story you're wanting to get to the public. For that, you need to look at past news stories each news outlet has covered. Then you can find a compatible list of outlets that are more likely to respond to your requests.

Consider Multiple Forms of Coverage

In addition to going after the right media outlets to get a story featured in the local news, you also want to focus on multiple forms of coverage. There is a lot to choose from including local websites, television channels, and radio stations.

If you consider these multiple coverage forms, you have a better chance of getting your story heard by as many people as possible in your community. That will make a difference regardless of what type of story you're trying to get out to the masses.

Local news stations are great platforms for promoting an event or story. You just need to take the right approach when reaching out to them so that these attempts aren't for nothing. 

For more information, contact a local news station, such as Prince Albert Daily Herald.